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RedMax CVT 54" Stand On w/ Kawasaki FX751V | CVT54 | *Limited Availability*

RedMax CVT 54" Stand On w/ Kawasaki FX751V | CVT54 - 970465101


  • $11,499.99

The Redmax CZTx platform was designed specifically for the commercial landscaper. With a focus on commercial engines, heavy duty pump & wheel motor combinations, cast iron components, heavy gauge steel decks and robust frames, RedMax is designed to stand the test of time. Excellent anti-vibration designs for the entire operator platform and full suspension seats will keep the operator comfortable all day on the roughest terrain. Superior traction and ease of operation make RedMax an efficiency expert on the job, providing dependability under the toughest mowing circumstances. Available with a full line of accessories for your specific mowing requirements.

Suspension seat

Deep cushions and EVC (elastomeric vibration control) provide unsurpassed comfort for the operator. Additional full suspension system gives a smoother ride on rough terrain during long working hours.

Kawasaki engine

The Kawasaki FX series engine is an overhead valve engine with full pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filter. It combines exceptional power and torque with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Cutting deck

The combination of 6"" deck depth, high-performance blades and optimized deck baffles allows for exceptional cut quality and clipping dispersal. This gives you faster cutting speeds for increased productivity while minimizing missed grass or clumps.

Hands-free deck lift

The robust, pedal-operated deck lift system allows quick, hands-free operation.


  • Cutting Deck:
  • Cutting Width:54in
  • Cutting Deck Type:7-gauge fabricated
  • Cutting Methods:Collect/Mulch/Side discharge
  • Cutting Deck Material:Steel
  • Deck Thickness:7 gauge
  • Blade Engagement:Electric Clutch
  • Blades:3pcs
  • Anti-scalp Wheels:3
  • Base Machine, Length:57in
  • Base Machine, Height:48in
  • Base Machine, Width:47in
  • Weight:1140lbs
  • Transmission Manufacture:Parker
  • Transmission Model:HP1/DL
  • Speed Forward Max:11MPH
  • Motor/engine Manufacture:Kawasaki
  • Engine Name:FX Series
  • Cylinder Displacement:52cu.inch
  • Cylinders:2
  • Power/Fuel Type:Gasoline
  • Engine Lubrication Type:Full pressure with oil filter
  • Fuel Tank Volume:7 gallons
  • Fuel Tank Location:Side
  • 5 year/1,500 hour Commercial Warranty

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